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Metamorphosis in Cobalt by Lauren Sanchez Art Exhibit

August 22, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Artist Lauren B. Sanchez will use Marvin’s Room as her laboratory of artistic experimentation.

Prepare to be enchanted with Metamorphosis in Cobalt – an art exhibition where the realm of process and manifestation converge in a captivating display of creativity in the mesmerizing hue of Cobalt Blue. Every painting in this exhibition is not just a finished masterpiece but an ongoing work in progress. As you stroll through Marvin’s Room, you’ll have the rare opportunity to glimpse into Lauren’s creative process, observing the birth of ideas and the evolution of emotions brought to life through brushstrokes. As the exhibition unfolds, so too does the emotional landscape of the space, mirroring the artist’s journey and manifesting an atmosphere of inspiration and curiosity. Just like the pieces showcased in Metamorphosis in Cobalt, you can witness the evolution of your own artwork throughout.