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ChatGPT-4 omg

June 14 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

AI workshop series for business and life—level up your AI and ChatGPT game!
ChatGPT-4o . Prompt better . Multi-modal . Customize GPT

A two and half hour, hands-on workshop, for people who want to level up their AI knowledge, learn essential prompt engineering skills for more predictable outcomes, and use ChatGPT better.


  • A (insanely short) history of AI: from the early days to now. Right now. The day of.


  • Prompting basics
  • Prompt like a pro


  • What’s new in ChatGPT-4o
  • Personalizing ChatGPT
  • Connecting ChatGPT to Zapier


  • All participants invited to a free,15-minute, one-on-one session with each presenter



Michael Dargie | MakeMoreCreative.com
For the past 18 years, Make More Creative has been a beacon for small to medium-sized businesses in Calgary, offering a unique blend of support and expertise. This agency stands as a proud partner of Calgary Economic Development, the Canadian Trade Accelerator Program, ATB Entrepreneur Centre, and Innovate Calgary, showcasing its deep commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the community.

Keegan Dargie | Procraft AI
Since diving into the world of AI during the OpenAI Closed BETA in 2020, Keegan has emerged as the visionary behind TheKitchen.AI, the technical and AI spearhead for Redline™ Report by BrandJitsu, and the driving force behind a myriad of custom AI initiatives. His expertise recently graced the halls of the University of Lethbridge, ATB Entrepreneur Centre, and Mount Royal University as a guest lecturer, where he shared his insights on leveraging AI in business and everyday life.

Al Del Degan | NewIdeaMachine.com
NIM stands out as a forward-thinking software development company that redefines the intersection of talent and innovation. Emphasizing mentor-backed support, NIM offers you an unparalleled opportunity to harness risk-free tech talent. This unique approach not only empowers emerging tech professionals but also transforms your visionary ideas into tangible realities.