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Beyond Age: The Fabulous Over Forty Movement

April 29 - May 11


Beyond Age: Fabulous Over 40, Laurie MacBrown Photography
cSPACE Marda Loop
Level 1 Gallery

Beauty doesn’t cease to exist because of an arbitrary age, and it’s time to shatter the stereotypes that say otherwise.

“Fabulous Over Forty” is our bold statement to the world: Women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, are gorgeous and worthy of display in an art gallery.

Again this year, we’ve chosen boudoir portraiture as our medium—a choice that defies expectations and celebrates the unique confidence and sensuality that come with age. Through this second annual series, we offer a collection of portraits and stories that reveal the confident, diverse beauty of women who are proudly ranging in age from 40 to 77.

Join us in embracing a vision of beauty that grows and evolves throughout life. “Fabulous Over Forty” isn’t just an exhibition; it’s a movement, inviting everyone to see the strength and confidence that come with every year lived and every experience gained.