Creative Incubator Artist of the Day: Meg Ohsada

Creative Incubator Artist of the Day: Meg Ohsada

Get to know an artist! Today’s Incubator spotlight is on Meg Ohsada (she/her)

If we had one word to describe how Meg moves through the world, we would say, “poise.” When you watch her dance, you’ll see that she is graceful and full of joy. A performing artist, dancer, competitive Special Olympics figure skater, painter, and model, she enjoys expressing herself in non-verbal ways. She may look shy, but don’t give up on her right away. Trust her, support her, and include her, and you will be richly rewarded.

For her time in the Incubator, Meg is collaborating with a former Alberta Ballet principal dancer and owner of H/W School of Ballet, @yukichihattori to create a contemporary dance. She knew she needed guidance to grow, so she asked the best of the best to help her. She feels lucky that he said yes, but we are sure that he feels the same about her. He gives her technical challenges and doesn’t underestimate her potential. While she is here, Meg will have the opportunity to choreograph a dance for herself, set to her favourite song. Meg has been working with filmmaker Ximena Rios (@xime.riav) to capture her process of creating this performance. We can’t wait to see it!  

Meg’s mother, Noriko, helped to share Meg’s perspective with us. 

cSPACE: What’s your imaginary autobiography called? 

MO: “I Am Meg” I’m a one-of-a-kind!

cSPACE: What excites you about the Creative Incubator?

MO: I’ve been dancing for more than 15 years, and I think I’m ready to create my own dance. This is such a special opportunity for me to work with professionals and to get inspired by other Incubator artists. I’m super excited to share what I can do! 

cSPACE: What inspires you about cSPACE?

MO: Imagine having an entire theatre space for your creation process. With the stage lights, sounds, and keen yet kind eyes watching and following your every movement… I cannot ask for anything more thrilling!

cSPACE: At cSPACE we live by the 4C’s: Creativity, Community, Collaboration, and Change. Which of these resonates the most with you right now?

MO: Expressing myself with words is difficult for me due to my Down syndrome diagnosis. Through this residency, I can create something I love and am good at, and feel like I belong to a community. I’m collaborating with the best in the industry, and I hope to make a difference in people’s perspective by showing that people like me can thrive!

cSPACE: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MO: I would like to travel and expand my reach by sharing my art globally!

cSPACE: We will not be surprised when we see Meg performing on a global stage. If you want to connect with Meg, encourage her, and see what she’s up to, follow her Instagram @meg_o_meg and Facebook @megohsada

cSPACE gratefully acknowledges the support of the Calgary Foundation for the Creative Incubator Initiative